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    Post-Herpetic Neuralgia Pain Relief

Relief By LaserPost-herpetic neuralgia is an extremely painful condition that affects about 20% of patients who have developed shingles due to the herpes zoster virus. It is thought to result from damage to the nerve endings in the skin and soft tissue caused by the virus during the shingles episode. This pain can persist for months or even years after resolution of the rash of the shingles episode.

Post-herpetic neuralgia is notoriously difficult to treat, and often patients must resort to chronic narcotic use in order to control the pain. It is a very life-altering condition.

The FDA-approved laser delivery system has had varied success with treating this condition. Currently about 50% of our patients are getting effective relief from their pain. In general, those patients that do not see much improvement within the first seven to ten days are unlikely to see any benefit. We have treated several patients who elected to pursue a prolonged course of therapy despite that early indicator predicting lack of success.

Patients who have suffered an outbreak of shingles to the face, and who are experiencing facial pain caused by post-herpetic neuralgia to the face, have demonstrated a different response to laser treatments. We have treated several patients with this condition and the outcomes have been uniformly successful.

Post-Herpetic Neuralgia Pain Relief Chart

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