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Relief by Laser


    RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Relief

Relief By LaserReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) is a very painful alteration in the nervous system of an arm or a leg. It not only affects the pain system, causing severe pain, but it also affects the temperature, blood flow and even skin color of the extremity. The area is very sensitive to even light touch or slight cooling.

RSD generally develops after an injury, often one that is minor. It is not unusual for the pain of the RSD to greatly exceed the severity of the injury.

RSD is notoriously difficult to treat, and there have been few treatments available that are effective. The FDA-approved laser delivery system, however, has been uniformly successful in treating RSD. Generally our patients start to feel relief after the first or second treatment. Full relief can take up to three weeks.

RSD (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Pain Relief Chart

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